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Fakultät Sozialwissenschaften

Chair for Social Structure and Sociology of Ageing Societies

Group photo of the chair on the university campus © private

We are engaged in the quantitative study of work, family and health over the life course with regard to social inequality. For example, we focus on the importance of material and social resources and regional influences on health and well-being or on the impact of social policy on care and support in Europe. Methodologically, we address challenges of empirical research on ageing such as participatory technology development and the analysis of novel social science data.

Our work is internationally comparative and interdisciplinary. We cooperate with inter¬national partners from different disciplines such as economics, epidemiology, demography and ge¬ron¬logy.

In teaching, we primarily impart knowledge in the field of social structure analysis and quantitative social and ageing research and promote independent empirical work by students.

Since October 1, 2020, Prof. Dr. Martina Brandt has been part of the dean's office of the Faculty of Social Sciences as Vice Dean Research.