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The population ageing issue represents a key challenge in the EU since it affects ageing-related policies such as those for pensions, healthcare and long-term health reforms. The EU-funded SHARE-COHESION project supports a research infrastructure that aims to better understand the challenges of the ageing process in the EU Member States. The main purpose of the project is to collect excellent data combining transdisciplinary, longitudinally and strict cross-national comparability that can be used for research. The results will allow a cross-national comparison of the social, health and economic status of EU citizens over 50 years of age and permit a comparative estimation of ageing-related policies that will support development and innovation programmes.

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Cooperation partners

SHARE Management Board & Country teams

Team of TU Dortmund University

Prof. Dr. Martina Brandt
Claudius Garten
Michal Levinsky, PhD


European Commisson 

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