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Truth or report?

The measurement of health in the context of comparative analysis

Brief description

The definition and measurement of health is the analytical linchpin of quantitative-empirical studies in many scientific disciplines. For pragmatic reasons, however, it is often not possible to survey health comprehensively within the framework of standardized surveys using objective methods such as performance tests or biomarkers, which is why subjective general assessments of the respondents are often used. However, this approach can be problematic, as the same condition is assessed differently, for example, due to different expectations or standards of the respondents. With the help of start-up financing, secondary analyses are carried out to get to the bottom of this methodological problem: It is examined which health-related and non-health-related factors affect the evaluation of one's own health and whether these correlations differ according to age and gender.

Project term


Project leader

Prof. Dr. Martina Brandt

Project team

Patrick Lazarevic, Judith Kaschowitz, Tony Kuckelkorn, Robert Balliet




2020 Lazarevič, P. & M. Brandt: Diverging ideas of health? Comparing the basis of health ratings across gender, age, and country.  Social Science & Medicine 267: 1-8.
2020 Kaschowitz, J.; P. Lazarevic: Be­deu­tung des Gesundheitsindikators bei der Analyse der Gesundheitsfolgen informeller Pflege. Anderer Indikator, anderes Ergebnis? Zeitschrift für Ge­ron­to­lo­gie und Geriatrie 53: 10-16.